About Us

What Is a Coach?

As coach I’m there in a professional capacity to support, empower, and challenge, helping you realize your personal and professional goals.
Coaching is your one on one key to gaining the understanding and insight needed to reap great personal and professional rewards in your life.

  • Enhance your thought process
  • Dissolve issues & blocks
  • Ideal performance
  • Make wise & well thought out decisions
  • Positive progress, personally & professionally
  • Live the life you want!

The coaching relationship is a partnership relying on a high level of trust and connection between coach and client.
Working together to help clarify your own agenda, we then build a follow through strategy geared toward to achieving your specific goals.

Elaine Johnston is a Certified Life Coach and a Certified Life Purpose and Career Coach licensed to provide The Life Purpose and Career Clarification Process© by Fern Gorin, M.A., and the Life Purpose Institute© successfully used with over 35,000 people around the world since 1984.

What’s Unique About the LIFE PURPOSE PROCESS?
  • We work with many “Rainbow People” – people that have a diversity of interests, skills and abilities. We help them integrate all the different things they love to do into a fulfilling life and career.
  • This is an Integrated Model of Coaching. It takes into account all aspects of each person and assists them in making the most satisfying life and career choices.
  • Life coaching, using the Life Purpose Process©, is focused and results oriented. Coaches address their client’s specific needs and goals. They use many powerful tools and processes to assist the client in reaching their goals.
  • The career coaching process is short-term and focused. Most people who struggle with a career do so for months or years. However, with the Life Purpose Process©, it usually takes six to eight 1 to 11/2 hour sessions, or twelve to sixteen half-hour sessions, to help the client clarify their career goals. This can be accomplished within several weeks or several months depending on their timetable.
  • When people seek out life coaching for personal goals they very often need creative solutions and ideas. Our method is a very creative process that helps the client design a life that truly works for them.
  • The Life Purpose Process© addresses life from a philosophical and spiritual perspective and helps people bring passion, purpose and meaning into all areas of their lives.
The Life Purpose Process uses a sequential 7 step model for clarity and results.
  1. Self-exploration
  2. Overcoming Blocks to Success
  3. Options
  4. Research/Testing Out
  5. Plan of Action
  6. Follow-through for Results
  7. Mastering Skills